Wedding cover large In 1962, John Halloran stepped from the Neptuno onto the island of Samar in the Philippines. Thus began his two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bobon, a place that became for him "the center of everything," home to people he would hold dear in his heart for the rest of his life.
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  This memoir by an early Volunteer describes his experiences in a remote setting on the island of Samar. Rich in the details of adapting to a life that included living in a town with no electricity, no water system, no automobiles, and no public market where fresh meat and fish might be had, Halloran's memoir captures in a few words the distinctive mannerisms and speech of many in the town, including an attractive Filipina school teacher who captured John's heart and his hopes for marriage. Hence, his title, A Wedding in Samar.
  Just as he intended, John produced an honest, deeply personal, fast moving, and entertaining contribution to the early history of the Peace Corps experience.
  Editor's Note: Shortly before he died in early 2000, John took his completed cut-and-paste typescript to a quick-print place and had several comb-bound copies made for family and friends. His Peace Corps roommate brought a copy to a reunion of Volunteers and read excepts. I offered to scan the document so it could be shared by our group of Volunteers. The more I read of John's work, the more I saw that it deserved a wider audience. So, with his daughter Katherine's permission, I prepared A Wedding in Samar for print by Puzzlebox Press. 


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