TTM cover large A gripping story that follows several real-life characters through the turmoil of the rebellion that rocked northern New Mexico in 1847. Supplemented by battle diagrams from the official military history of the campaign to put down the rebellion, and a first-ever chronology of events.
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Superb! Most detailed and well documented compilation of information regarding the details of the events FOLLOWING the massacre in 1847 in New Mexico I have ever found!   V. R. Heck
This book is excellent fiction that tells a story in a highly readable fashion. More importantly, it is full of well-researched facts that tie together significant events which took place prior to and during the 1846-47 Mexican War. The author has drawn from at least ten excellent non-fiction sources to gather his research and composed a story line that will interest both adolescents and adults. I read lots of books about American and Colorado history, and I found this one to be an extremely useful one.  Kay Beth Avery
Was very interested in reading about my ancestor, Simeon Turley and what took place at his mill and property during the uprising.  mrgarcia
A culturally sensitive account of American racism, conquest and occupation that vividly reaffirms the deep historical connections between all Amerindian peoples. D. Foley, PhD.
This is a stupendous book. From the first to last page I was transported into the company of its memorable characters and lived this compelling but obscure chapter of the American frontier right alongside them. As a historian, I particularly appreciate Durand's non-judgmental and even-handed descriptions of the conflicts between the Native Americans, the Spanish, the Mexicans, and the advancing U.S. Army and traders. His full-bodied characters tell the story beautifully. There is not historical distortion in The Taos Massacres; it is an authentic telling of history at its very best...a great work.   JB


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