Peter MacQueen cover  Born poor in Scotland, young Peter MacQueen came to America determined to make good. As a proud new citizen, he became "the fighting parson," reporting on wars in Cuba, the Philippines, and South Africa. Adventuresome, he explored the steppes of Russia, the jungles of Panama, the turbulent Middle East, and emergent South America. Whether on the slopes of Africa's towering Mount Kilimanjaro or in the trenches of wartime Europe, Peter was there to tell America about people and events that were shaping their world. His story could happen only in America.
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On March 28, Peter addressed an assembly of women in West Somerville on the “war crisis.” He voiced patriotic sentiments then current – “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!” was especially popular ˗ but he began by cautioning the women not to let their sons “cultivate the martial spirit overmuch.” There was no conflict in history that could not have been avoided by negotiation, he said. But then he flip-flopped. He justified American military intervention in Cuba to “stop the butchery.” He also invoked the Monroe Doctrine, which “makes us the protectors of weakness in the western world.” Finally, he said, Americans are:

 all but omnipotent. They can accomplish any task to which they set themselves.  Let it be theirs to usher in a new era for the stricken Pearl of the Antilles.

His talk fit Expansionist views like a glove.

The entire country now sensed the momentum towards war, cheered on by newspaper editorials and thousands of young men who wanted to show they were as ready to fight for a noble cause as their Civil War elders.



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