In 1792 a young woman called Mary B became the talk of London with her story of suffering and escape from the new pinchgut penal colony in Australia. Here is the story of a courageous survivor, history's "girl from Botany Bay." And here is the story of Australia's founding, told with the dramatic sweep of a great saga.
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Wonderful book! A part of history not often touched on in US schools. It brings the past to life, tough as it often was. Love the author's books!!  J. R. Derossett
Like the hero in Homer's "The Odyssey," Mary is imprisoned in the beginning of her journey and must find her way back home while facing enormous tests of courage and inner strength. Like Odysseus, she is beset by troubles and loss. By centering this epic piece around Mary B, the writer gives recognition and nobility to an ordinary woman without status or particular gifts, yet one who did an extraordinary thing under the most trying conditions -- while maintaining her bedrock character of kindness, modesty, devotion to her children, and -- unlike Odysseus -- lack of arrogance and hubris. Mary B is an archetype of the lowborn, invisible woman, the silent sufferer who, in spite of Job-like trials not only survives with her basic goodness intact but manages to keep alive the flame of a dream or two...This extraordinary book brings Mary B to life again; she will live on.  Jonathan.
...finished The Odyssey of Mary B at 1 this morning...couldn't wait to get to the end, and then was sad because it was finished!! What a great read...great author...can't imagine the amount of research that must have gone into writing it.  MB


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