Written during the 2012 presidential election season, I sought to recount some of the significant social and economic changes I've seen in America during my long lifetime, and why I stand as I do on the "more government/less government" divide that characterizes American politics. In a section titled "Six ways things went bad," I provide a fact-filled summary of the economic policies and global forces that brought economic ruin for millions of Americans in the early 2000s. Seeing a dysfunctional divide in American governance caused by political ideologues. I tell why I see hope for better governance resting with those under age 50, if they get involved and make their votes count.

  8,000 words
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I. P. wrote:  "I downloaded this essay to my Kindle just yesterday and was thinking I would get to it when I had some spare time. But I took a few moments and thought I'd read a few pages and then put it aside for a time. Once I got started though, it flowed so well that I didn't stop. It is a very compelling read. Its brevity as well as Durand's selection and presentation of pertinent facts are impressive features. And I very much liked the simplicity of the writing style...."


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