Boys cover large Enlisting to fight in the War with Spain over Cuba, the 1st North Dakota Volunteers ended up in the Philippines, fighting Filipinos. Drawing on numerous first-person sources, The Boys is a complete telling of the early days of that controversial war.  Maps, photos, endnotes, and appendices help explain and preserve the history of the regiment, which had more Medal of Honor winners than any other.
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What readers say
Excellent read, very good history of the Spanish-American War / Philippine-American war !   J. Knoll
The American war in the Philippines is little known and certainly not understood. This book tells the story from the point of view of those involved. Very much worth reading.  Tribe fan.
John Durand has written a fascinating account of a little remembered event at the very beginning of America’s entry onto the world stage as an imperial power:  the struggle to subdue and annex the Philippines.  P. David Searles
...has written a magnificent piece of history...Col. Peter W. Conlin
Durand has accomplished a remarkable task in telling this long overlooked story.  Merry Helm


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