John Kinne said he left Fargo High School in North Dakota to "avenge the Maine"
He earned a Medal of Honor fighting those he had gone to liberate
This was his war, told in his own words, with honesty, humor, and at times poetic sensitivity
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6 x 9 paper  211 pages  index  illustrations biography
   Based on John Kinne's unpublished diary of his service with the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry, Avenge the Maine follows his progress through the contradictions of soldiering - from eager enlistment, to resentful service - from pride in battlefield success, to compassion for enemy wounded - from the thrill of joining Young's Scouts, to the sorrow of seeing close-up death.
  Background information provided by the editor throughout the work puts Kinne's experiences and observations in "the big picture" of war in the Philippines 1898-99.


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